Aria Spinster

Valen's Adoptive Mother




Brotherhoods HQ Classified files File topic, the existence of Fey and their behavior in relation to humans Valens Interview; Year 2012 Topic in question: Disappearance of Valens Mother Aria Spinster (1968-2011) Official Status: Missing/ Presumed dead Brotherhood HQ confirmed the death of one Aria Spinster after an 9 hour interview with an imposter acting as her son Valen Spinster aka Valen R’an. Cause of death: “ACTIDENTAL” self-inflicted fatal wound to the chest by a presumed cold weapon: Kitchen knife Born in London (UK) she was the oldest daughter of the Spinster family. Highly intelligent and interested in history she carried herself through school as an A student. She was one of the top students at the Stanford University and soon she found herself teaching the same classes she once loved attending. As she was heading back home from work she was attacked and dragged in to an alleyway the attacker sexually assaulted he and left her crying. The police tried to catch the man but he was never found. To cope with the accident she was sent to a boxing club to reform her self-confidence and to learn how to defend herself. Until a few months after when she frond herself felling nauseous and lightheaded, soon after she discovered she was pregnant. Deciding to keep the bastard child she swore to one day find the man who did this. After she gave birth her parents stepped in to help with the child while she both worked in the university went training and started her search for the man that committed the gruesome crime. Little did she now that leaving her baby unattended will change her life in many ways, none of them good. After more than 10 years of searching it was time to rest she decides to dedicate her time to her child for the first time. All was good and peaceful until that fateful day when the thing we call “plot twist” occurred. She started noticing inconsistencies with her child’s behavior, one of them is that the boy never got sick; he avoided company of other children and spoke in an unusual manner…. His skin was pale and his eyes; it sometimes seemed that they were white. She searched and searched everything from medical conditions to viruses that would cause that, but she found nothing until out of sheer desperation she delved in to the myths and legends about the mysterious and uncanny. Fey she read steal the children and leave their own, their behavior and their physique matched those of her sons, and she had to be certain. After thorough research she found an old chant said to reveal the true four of the fey imposter she clenched her fists and decided to speak the words that would be her last as we shall soon find out. August 19th 06:08pm her son was already up getting ready for school she was making breakfast, such an innocent sight to behold. She started chanting as thou time had stopped he, her little boy stood still his skin slowly it seemed becoming pure white as did his eyes. Her heart was beating so fast you could not count the bears, her hand holding a kitchen knife. With eyes full of tears she screamed the chant louder and louder guiding the knife towards the boy, while he just stood there looking at her. She blinked, the next moment she could not see anymore. She blinked again this time she was looking at her body and her son looking at it, for the first time she saw her child exhibiting any kind of emotion, this time it was fear and grief. He ran to his room and came back with a thick heavy book sheading his own blood he marked her own body and started conducting what she thought was some satanic ritual. She felt drawn to her body almost pulled and compelled to go back. She blinked again; she was in the kitchen again her san with tears in his eyes but with a terrified expression on his face. “Mother I failed you”: he said as her body started deteriorating with an extraordinary speed. Even though he body was now ash she was still there laying on the kitchen floor confused “Do I truly deserve this”: she thought as she was looking at her soon collecting what’s left of her body. Mother may I have your necklace, I wish to find a way to undo my mistake: her son looked her in the eyes. Do what you will; I have nothing else to lose. She demanded her ashes be thrown to the sea the earth and the air, and that her son keeps a part until his promise is made true. They spent moths talking; her thirst for knowledge was not to be satisfied. Not even in death. And that is the story of my mother, said Valen at a Brotherhoods meeting: “She is bound to me by the evocation that I was unable to conduct. I wish to learn and to gain more knowledge so I can make my promise a reality. And after I will be free to go home and face my people”.

Aria Spinster

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