Valen R'an

Chapter Iota 12 Mystic Arts Specialist




His adoptive mother’s last words: “Acorn before oak I knew,
and an egg before a hen,
but never before have I seen
an eggshell brew dinner for harvest men.”

Valen was born in to fey royalty but was throw out after a family feud or so he says, as punishment he was thrown in to the human realm to replace a kidnapped child. Aware of his situation he tied his best to adapt to human culture and it worked for a time. As a young adult he grew more and more a fascinated with the human ideas of the afterlife witch drew him to become a sage’s student learning about the secret art of necromancy. He became fairly proficient at it too. But as all the stories go his true identity was uncovered by none other than his own mother. In a moment of desperation he choked her to death, scared and paranoid he used his knowledge of necromancy to raised his mother from the dead unintentional cursing himself to be haunted by his mother’s spirit for the remainder of his life. As a token of grief he wears his mother’s silver locked at all times and is highly protective of it. After his power was darned the corpse of his mother turned to ash, some he collected and put inside the locket the rest he gave to the wind and sea. Slowly but steadily he became more aware of the consequences his actions have brought upon him as he was dammed a criminal after the truth of his crime was made public the exiled himself to a lifelong pilgrimage. He hopes he will uncover himself and his purpose before the fade takes his spirit.

Stoic and distant often preoccupied with his own toughs at first glance one might say that he is cold and emotionless but he says: “There is more to a ‘being’ than words and meat” (whatever that means), extremely loyal either because he fears for his own life or because he has killed or have been abandoned by anyone who was close to him. Loves to eat sweets by the way.

Oh! And in his off time he collects corpses, ya know for studies…. Nothing to worry about.

Valen R'an

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