Welcome Chapter Rho 1…Log In Complete to the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch Database


Welcome to the Brotherhood the Celestial Torch…this is no doubt the last job you will ever have in life.

1. If you have any romantic idea of what you want get them out of your head now…the life expectation of a demon hunter is extremely low to non-existent. Your probably going to die within a few years or less.

2. I am a recording because a pamphlet could do this job.

Before you begin your adventure you will need the following information.

1. Who are you?

2. What are you?

3. Whats your story?

(In Game: Character, Character Race, and Backstory)

Once you have them then suit up and begin to get in the field on your mission.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch


Major Note: All pictures in the character section unless drawn by us is only a physical representation of our characters and it maybe what they look like somewhat but not completely at all. They are only visual aids.

Chapter Rho 1 is MIA (Missing In Action)

Find out where they are and discover them so the brotherhood may launch a successful rescue mission.

Demon Hunters RPG The Story of Chapter Rho 1

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