Demon Hunters RPG The Story of Chapter Rho 1

Side Mission: Valen's Favor
Valen and Chapter Rho 1
Mission 1 Section 1 Part 2 Continues
Chapter Rho 1
Mission 1 Section 1 Part 1&2
Chapter Rho 1

Month 1 – Week 1 – Day 1

The day began early in the morning as chapter Rho 1 was settling into their house. They arrived just 24 hours before this big grand day. The day of their first mission going active and they meet the earth walking demon Gremuch. They were all sitting in the house minding their own business. Hugh was sitting in the sitting room in his underwear only. Fleur and Valen weren’t doing very much before the alarms went off. Jason was eating an MRE while Paradox was reading the Holy Bible. Once the alarms sounded Fleur went down to the half-bathroom in the basement to see what was happening. The teams cipher Skip (Female Cipher) reported that a demon on the move in Farmington Wisconsin and it was an earth walking demon at threat level code blue. Valen went down stairs to see what was happening while everyone else ignore the alarms, however the demon is moving so pin point his location was no happening all too well. Fleur order the cipher to track any strange happenings that could help track the demon. However before the cipher could do anything they received orders from the brotherhood ordering them to retrieve a brotherhood archaeologist name Mary Haggart who is currently in Farmington tracking down the location of a Hell Gate. Fleur called everyone downstairs behind Valen but they ignored her. Fleur went upstairs to talk to everyone and give a good speech while Paradox was trying to ignore her by shoving the holy bible in her face and then a history book as she was trying to explain the situation. Hugh during this time was putting on his clothes and suiting up for battle as he knew that something was wrong. Fleur orders the team to suit up and get to the vehicle. The cipher, Paradox, and Hugh went out immediately waiting on the others as Fleur was the last one to make it to the van. On their way to the van Fleur began making some comments to the Jason who is the teams Human Cipher so Paradox felt the need to hand him a bible while praying to god for forgiveness for his sins against his chapter leader even though she was blood sucking bitch spawn from hell. Even though it seems that Paradox doesn’t care for the chapter leader that is not entirely true. He admires the fact she is still chapter leader after dealing with the situation of being tormented by her comrades even though she outranks them all. Fleur at first wanted to track down the demon but the cipher refused for that their orders were to retrieve Mary first before anything else. She turns on the radio and realizes that something isn’t right as the broadcaster told the news just before revealing some hefty sins about people fucking sheep a disease upon mankind. Fleur then orders the pursuit to the radio station but the cipher still refuses since it is a direct violation of orders from on high. Within five minutes Hugh fell asleep as after the arguing they decided to retrieve Mary from her current location and take her back to their base.

Once outside the house they saw the layout of the land as they all got out of the vehicle and approach the house. As they stood at the car Fleur decided to get down to business by knocking on the door. A woman answers the door and asks who they are. They presume to reveal they are the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch Chapter Rho 1 and they reveal the tattoos to her. The woman says her name is Mary Haggart and asks why they were sent to her. Fleur reports that there is an earth walking demon in the town moving about possibly looking for the Hell Gate which would soon lead him to her. She quickly says she must grab her work as she zooms upstairs and begins packing. The team moves throughout the house. Fleur followed Mary to her work room. Hugh went upstairs to the bathroom, while Jason, Paradox, and the cipher followed up the stairs standing in the hallway while Valen was in the staircase hall. Jason was watching for any possible suspicious activity that could be the demon getting close to their location. Through the searching of the house and Fleur trying to get Mary to pick up the pace, Valen felt uneasy and decided to begin to walk down the stairs a concussion blast surged the house. Jason was thrown through a window and down to the ground from the second floor as everyone else felt the blast move tearing walls to shreds and putting it on fire. Mary basically said someone broke down her door because it was rigged to explode which some knew about and some did not. Fleur asks for an emergency escape route and Mary points it to the window down the hall. Everyone except Hugh uses it. Hugh takes the same route Jason took as he jumps down to the second floor unscathed. Once Fleur and the rest of the team made it out the window the cipher runs off without warning. Before the team could make a move the demon Gremuch was hot on their trail as he lands in front of them. The house was burning down and Gremuch reveals to the team who he is and Mary points out his titles once against pointing out the obvious. Fleur and Valen initiate the attack while the team follows. After a bit both Jason joins the battle from afar as Hugh gets into range of the demon to attack, however the demon falls to the ground. All the members of Rho 1 had minor damage at most while Gremuch lost his right arm, half his torso, parts of his head and more. Just before Fleur could get a close look at the demon she dodged out of the way as the teams cipher ran over the body. Fleur orders everyone in the van but Valen wants the body. Of which they argue for a while that they weren’t taking the seven foot tall demon but eventually they came to an agreement that they were taking the body. Valen decided that breaking bones, lopping off body parts to try and fit the demon in a duffle bag for transportation. During the mutilation Hugh took the demons index figure before everyone got in the van and took off back to base.

On their way back to base Fleur and Valen was in a heated debate about the body and began discussing that the Valen is into death magic. It is what he does and he will use the demon body to resurrect it and use the body as his slave. Within 2 to 3 minutes on their way home without warning everyone was started causing the cipher to speed up for a moment before hitting the breaks causing the van to flip and slide a bit. Fleur, Mary and Paradox were wearing their seat belts while Hugh bailed out the vehicle however he was someone hurt since the vehicle was flipping as he was bailing. Once everyone came too and realized what happen they notice the sliding door of the van was ripped off, the duffle bag ripped to shreds and the dead demon body of Gremuch was missing. Once everyone climbed out of the van they began debating how to get home. Valen suggested a walk through the woods but Fleur was reluctant since there could be werewolves, weresquirrels, and werebadgers. Since Fleur is chapter leader and she showed some fear Paradox ask for the bible back from Jason and whacked Fleur with it. He then return the bible to Jason once the job was completed, Fleur was suffering from an allergic reaction from the holy bible. On the walk home the team discussed how they could fix this so they can get a cell phone to call the brotherhood with. Fleur suggests that Paradox travels through time and snatches up a cell phone to leave for himself in the present so they could make a call. She then presumes that he should travel to the 1920s and take a picture with the cell phone in his hand. However he decided not to do it. Paradox opens up a portal to the past where Hugh follows him back 13 hours before the following events. Paradox and Hugh uses their knowledge to make one slight change. Instead of worrying about the body and taking it with them they left it instead like the cipher suggested just leaving and leaving the body behind. So they left the body behind and the events from before never happen creating a new timeline of events. However in the new timeline of events Hugh created a small paradox with Paradox. The paradox was the same index finger from the previous demon on the previous timeline traveled with them. In this timeline Hugh still took the same index finger making two of the same index finger. One from the original demon in the original timeline and one from the alternate demon in the alternate timeline, in this new timeline they saved the van and manage to make it home, once home they began to notice the sun is setting so it’s time to make dinner as they made Skip wash the bottom of the van of the blood. Jason and Hugh made dinner, Jason made MREs and Hugh made boiling water in a bowl and Paradox presumed to throw a bible and hot water on Fleur for the heck of it. After dinner Paradox went to bed downstairs in the basement. Skip finished her job on the van and ran Valen and Hugh (so he can plant the fingers on some children) out to the store to pick up some coal. Valen had an idea to set Devil’s Traps all through the doorways of the house to help protect against the demon in case he comes back with a vengeance. Skip return to the half-bathroom to charge for the night. As Hugh and Fleur patrolled the house at night to make sure the demon won’t attack. Jason works closely with Mary Haggart to see if he can help locate the Hell Gate. Valen took the night and set up the traps by himself since he is the Mystic Arts specialist.

Month 1 – Week 1 – Day 3: June 3rd 2014

Two days after meeting Gremuch the team took the time to rest and get some more downtime while they can. Paradox still pulls out the bible around Fleur while Hugh is waiting to see what is to come of the fingers. So far nothing, Chapter Rho 1 was up to their own games during down time, someone gave Jason the idea to exorcise the house full of ghosts to make sure there are no ghosts because another bible flew by Fleur’s head. Jason exorcised the house full of ghosts and found out if there were ghosts there isn’t now. Shortly after all that the alarms went off as supernatural activity was detected at the call of the wild bar a few miles from the base. Fleur made a comment that it sounds like a werewolf bar so once again Fleur was struck with the holy bible, however the code was orange. The team immediately mobilized with slight hesitation doing their same bickering on their way to the site. Once they arrived at the bar burnt down and everybody inside dead burnt to the crisp as the smell of burnt flesh fills the air. Valen then decided to speak to a spirit but was able to latch onto one that already passed on into heaven. The spirit that was granted entrance to heaven said it was done by an archangel Ramiel who is working under another being of which she didn’t know. Valen released the spirit and suggested the team should leave. Fleur order the return back to base as the cipher turned around and before they knew it the vehicle flipped upside down. Hugh tried to bail but was hurt because he didn’t execute it perfectly. He then found himself in the clutches of the archangel grappled by his bare hands. The team manages to make it out as they saw the archangel holding Hugh. Immediately the cipher ran away. Following behind him is Valen as the archangel snaps Hugh’s neck and slices off Jason’s leg. The team tried setting the trap during the battle but was failing. Fleur orders Paradox to open up a portal to the past where Paradox, Fleur and Jason went back in time. However because of Jason’s current state he didn’t successfully merge with the new alternate version of himself creating two of him, however in this new timeline they manage to trap the angel by changing the course of the events again. Alternate Jason went to contact the brotherhood for backup Fleur accompany him while Valen stayed behind to keep an eye on the angel with Paradox. Hugh took the archangel head on and almost lost his life again but he was saved by Paradox and Paradox manages to escape by the skin of his toes. Valen then used his magic to manipulate the fire to kill the archangel with holy fire ignited by the holy oil. The team spent the time to figure out what to do with the Original Jason while trying to find a way to get back home. Once they start walking with helping the original Jason because he is missing a leg they manage to make it back in an hour and a half. After nearly walking and talking for two hours Alternate Jason figures Fleur can drain Original Jason putting him out of his misery and staving off the chill for another week or so.


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