Chapter Rho 1: Dead




Paradox is only 18 years of age. However he has the ability to travel to the past, present and future at will. It may not always be a stable ride but he can do it. Leaving himself helpless in the open against supernatural attacks from beings wanting to use him for their own personal gain. The Brotherhood took Paradox in to help train him to defend himself against these attacks. He became a Demon Hunter. He doesn’t know which version of himself he is. He wonders if he even is the original or if he is just a paradox that keeps overwriting the original or erasing it from time and space because of his immense power. He exists outside time and space and doesn’t know if he can die and be revived but he feels as if his body is always moving even when he is standing still. He forgot his original name and now calls himself Paradox, his mission is to help the brotherhood until the day god calls him home.

Favorite Books

The Holy Bible
History Book

Favorite Hobbies

Hanging out with comrades
Killing the unholy and Demon Hunting.


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